• Important service announcement

    Do you want to shape our future? If you are interested in the IPR of Smeebi you can contact the original parent company and current owner through rob.connell@olapcon.fi

    OlapCon is a leader in the Nordics for Enterprise business intelligence, data warehouse and advanced analytics.

Free Training & Help Getting Started

Want some personal help from a real person? Smeebi can offer free online training sessions for one-on-one or group conference calls, free of charge as our way to help get you started and make the most of Smeebi. Request a training time here.

What is Smeebi?

Smeebi was built for powerful business analytics, designed for ease of use and cheap to run for any sized business. Business Intelligence and data analysis that’s built for SMEs so it’s easy to get started, simply connect with your accounting software, see how here

Smeebi has completed the free trial registration and will be moving to a new business model from April 2015. Trialists have been notified directly.

Partner with us

We have world-class add-ons and technical partners. We are also working with business advisors such as accountants to help educate small business owners on the virtues of business intelligence. Contact us for a personal demo for you and your clients.